North River Consumer Products is based in the USA with agents in Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea.


With nearly thirty years of experience and hundreds of products in our portfolio we go beyond simply "building" products, we will work with you to get your products in front of the decision makers at retail or help you develop a direct sales campaign.  And if you are in need of distribution or logistics services we can help with that too!

Steve Golden engages a team of electrical and software engineers in Shanghai on a complex connectivity issue on behalf of a client and their WiFi connected entertainment product.


Everyone has ideas, they are easy, its the validation, refinement and execution that is the hard part  Our goal is to design innovation products that are fully vetted with retail and end customers BEFORE our client invests in production and inventory.  We are lucky to great relationships and access to strategic retailers that work with us to validate concepts and help to ensure the best return on investment.


North River has affiliations and working relationships with nearly 100 manufacturers, some as contract manufacturers, others as capable original equipment manufacturers and original design partners.

Many of our partners are Wal-Mart certified and all of our partners are within reach of our "feet on the ground" team that are effective in selecting the right factory for the job.


With over 300+ products under our belt, we love to design and build "Stuff"!  We are hands on, we love to roll up our sleeves, listen to customers and look for those concepts that will provide the greatest appeal to consumers and the greatest return to our clients.


From silicon, to software to industrial, mechanical and electrical design capabilities, North River offers full range of services in house and if we can't do it ourselves, we can certainly bring in resources to help us accomplish what we need.