Stiggy is controlled via a smart device on either iOS or Android platforms.The dashboard is simplified with an emphasis on driving while subtly collecting live video and performance data in the background.

The user can select before or after the performance to push the content to the cloud on the included website.

When Stiggy RC is used in the Race Mode, we make the following performance data available to the user to compare, compete with others and for learning purposes:

  • run time
  • top speed
  • average speed
  • 0-60 mph
  • 0-100 mph
  • run count
  • total miles traveled
  • battery
  • total distance traveled forward
  • total distance traveled in reverse
  • total overall car run time
  • best top speed for this car overall
  • best 0-60 mph performance for this car overall
  • best 0-100 mph performance for this car overall
  • total millage on the car overall
  • total number of runs with this car overall

The proprietary, patent pending, on-board infra red sensor captures actual wheel revolutions in real-time and streams them to the handheld application where the hardware performance is measured in real time

Specifications of the Car

  • features a steel chassis / plastic body RC car 6"x10"x4"
  • independent struts for stabilization
  • patent pending internal data collection sensors for speed and performance
  • WiFi (802.11g) enabled video and race data streaming & storing
  • removable internal battery for 15-20 minutes run time
  • standard micro USB charger
  • active head lights and tail lights
  • free iOS & Android downloadable Apps for operation
  • free membership for storing, sharing & competing
  • includes 12 related short educational sketches which build on the principles of speed and motion
  • includes 12 race track layouts

Our strategy was to build an RC car that allowed the operator to drive it in first person using their smart device (tablets and phones / Android and iOS) as their controller.  Inside the car we hid tracking sensors that allowed us to collect performance data from the car, aggregate it and post it to a proprietary cloud based site where it was integrated into fun activities, challenges and global interaction and sport.

We saw an opportunity in toy category where there was a serious lack of innovation and excitement for parents and children.  Our team of engineers, educators, and race fans had a vision: build a very fast car that would be fun, challenging and educational.

Designed around a rugged streamlined exterior racing chassis, the internal electronics and accompanying software incorporated in this fast little remote control car take RC Racing to the next level of design, functionality and competition.